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Historisches Foto des alten Baeckerhauses
Gastgeber Marion Pristinger und Alberto Micheletti

Including the miraculous protection from a major fire in the neighbourhood and Luis Trenker, a good friend of this establishment and the man after whom the hotel lounge is named as well as a suite, plus the filming of some scenes from the film “Heimatlos” (Homeless, 1958), that took place in this building.

A family-run business from 1640 to the present day

From bakery to one of the first boutique hotels in South Tyrol.

  • 1640 farmhouse and bakery. The traditional trade of baking continued over the generations to the father of the current owner, Marion Pristinger.

For breakfast to the present day:

home-baked bread made to family recipes

  • In 1895 there was a major fire in Goldgasse in Nals. Our building was miraculously spared, in thanks for which, our great-great aunt, Stina Pristinger, built a small chapel.
  • In 1956/57 the stables and barns were converted, Annemarie Pristinger became the first person in Nals to offer guest rooms and, among others, counted writers, mountaineers, directors and last, but not least, the actor and good friend of this establishment, Luis Trenker, as her guests.

Luis Trenker Junior Suite

An homage to our grandmother and to an extra special friend of the hotel!

  • In 1960 the bakery was relocated from the hotel and into the neighbouring building.
  • In 1983 Ilse (master confectioner) and Herbert Pristinger (master baker) took over the running of the guesthouse.
  • In 1995, 100 years after the fire, the chapel was restored. A relative, Father Roman Morandell, prior in Maria Plain, Salzburg, designed the mosaic that can now be seen in the chapel. And, by sheer coincidence, the picture of the Virgin Mary has a similar story to that of the house. Both houses were originally bakeries, ours was spared by the fire, the bakery in Plain, on the other hand, was burned down. Surrounded by ash and debris, the picture of the Madonna was found intact. The church in the pilgrimage site was elevated by the Pope to a basilica, and at this celebration, Mozart premièred his Coronation Mass.
  • Finally, in 2002 Marion Pristinger took over the management of the guesthouse.
  • In 2004 Marion Pristinger married the South Tyrolean architect, Alberto Micheletti. Together they remodelled the 2-star guesthouse many times and enlarged it, giving the former guesthouse a more exclusive decor. Today the Zum Rosenbaum is a 4-star boutique hotel, where the wellbeing of the guests and a clever synthesis of tradition, charm and exclusivity take centre stage.

In blending the historically valuable structure with contemporary design, Alberto Micheletti, architect and the hotel’s joint proprietor, has, with an unerring hand, left space for the many memories with which the Rosenbaum is wreathed. The story of the house is always present and this ensures that holidays in the Boutique Hotel Zum Rosenbaum do not feel “usual”, but instead extraordinary…

Historisches Ambiente – Erker an der Fassade des Boutique Hotel in Suedtirol
Historisches Ambiente – Kunst und Boutique Hotel Zum Rosenbaum
Gastgeber Alberto Micheletti und Marion Pristinger
The result is an exciting mix of yesterday and tomorrow,

an inspiring place with stylistic counterpoints and new perspectives.

A hotel with 26 individual rooms for holidaymakers looking for an establishment filled with character and extraordinarily good service.


  • 2019 – 70 years Boutique Hotel Zum Rosenbaum. We are opening our new restaurant and we add even more value on our Gourmet Breakfast.

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